I joined the Continuous Lifecycle London Programme Committee

Thu, Nov 12, 2020 One-minute read

Following my talk at Continuous Lifecycle London 2020, I was invited to join their programme committee and I accepted!

As a member of the programme committee, my role is to review and assess the proposals received for future events of Continuous Lifecycle London. I also recommend topics which should be explored to ensure we’re covering the latest technologies in devops, continuous delivery and containerization. I was offered a place in this committee due to the nature of my role at Workday - the current committee needed a new member with expertise in Kubernetes and Helm.

I join a team 7 where each of us has a different technical background so that we can cover different areas. We aim to meet twice a year to review the talks. There is usually around 150 proposals submitted for 30 available slots.

You can learn about other committee members here; You can learn more about this conference here.