Hi! I’m Pauline. I’m a software engineer based in Dublin, Ireland.

I graduated from UCD in 2017 via their MSc Computer Science Conversion program which I joined in 2015. Prior to working as a software engineer, I had various roles in HR and Business in the tech and pharmaceutical industries. I graduated from Bordeaux Business School in 2012 and I hold an MSc in Management.

In 2017, after graduating from UCD, I was hired by Workday and joined the Public Cloud Platform team (internally known as Scylla). The Scylla team develops, deploys and maintains a Kubernetes platform for the Public Cloud (Amazon AWS). Within this team, I worked with various technologies, including Kubernetes, Docker, Helm and Istio. Most of our softwares is developed in Golang, and most of our orchestration is written in Ruby. Our platform is deployed across on AWS regions.

In 2021, I left Scylla and transferred to the Public Cloud Infrastructure team (internally known as Pi). Within Pi, my role is to develop an API for IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). My new team focuses on infrastructure automation.

Outside my working hours, you can find me looking at pictures of cats on the internet, singing my heart out in a karaoke room, or hiking the nearby (or not so nearby) mountains.